J2017 - Summit Center - ST640 - Logo 17 - Emb - Wicking Polo


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    • Posted by thehistorybuff
    • About 1 year ago
    I don't understand why the Jamboree logo is not on the front chest vs the SBR logo. The event is the Jamboree.
    • Posted by pepost
    • About 1 year ago
    They don't mention (until you add the item) that the cost goes up $2 for 2XL, $4 for 3XL, and $6 for 4XL. Sizes listed are weird and smaller the BSA shop where 2XL goes up to a 50" chest.
    • Posted by jimhiggins51
    • About 1 year ago
    Do we put anything on the back of the shirt?

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