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    • Posted by merlvin
    • About 1 year ago
    I concur with the remarks posted. This is a Jamboree and the hats should have the Jamboree patch on them. We are all impressed with and proud of the SBR. But, we are going there to participate in the 2017 National Boy Scout Jamboree, another historic event!
    • Posted by PhixitPhox
    • About 1 year ago
    I have trouble with the whole idea of requiring Staff members to invest in yet another hat. A lot of us have very cool hats that are great conversation starters. Forcing everyone into the same hat just for the sake of "branding" on every element of the uniform is a bit too military for my taste. Shirts/pants are fine, but let's allow a little individuality!
    • Posted by johnppjr
    • About 1 year ago
    Did you guys take left over SBR hats and just add staff and Jamboree? Really awful. The Jambo emblem SHOULD be on the front!
    • Posted by papabeart10
    • About 1 year ago
    Compared to the last Jamboree Hat this one is very plane and uninteresting.
    • Posted by JimUnderhill
    • About 1 year ago
    I really dislike using the SBR emblem instead of the jamboree logo. SBR is a place, the Jamboree is an event. We're going for the jamboree. Its like Philmont only using the "High Adventure" logo for staff members.

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